We’re not here to figure out if HIMYM is Generation Y’s answer to Friends (which it’s not). These positions must be filled and I believe that there are plenty of talented, young prospects in this year’s draft to fill the void. The Packers’ Selections Round 1-3 :Round 1:  (in order of preference)OT Anthony Davis – Rutgers- 6′6, 328 lbs OT Bryan Bulaga – Iowa- 6′6, 311 lbsOT Bruce Campbell – Maryland- 6′6, 312 lbs.I think with the likely departure and age of the Packers’ current Offensive Tackles, this position needs to be addressed in the first round of this year’s draft. Player: Clint Barmes Team: Colorado Rockies Bats: Right Position: 2B/SS Fantasy Baseball Search Breakout Rank: 3/30Clint Barmes is a late bloomer. Barmes will turn 31 in March and has only started to develop into a fantasy hitter.  Last year he set career highs in home runs, hits, RBI, and runs.  A lot of that was because he was a starter for the first time as well. The Rockies like what they have in Barmes.  They see him as one of the best 8-spot batters in the NL.  Even if they move him up in the lineup, Barmes will be even more effective.  He is a savvy veteran that has finally figured out pitchers, and will continue to get better in 2010. The Rockies should have an outstanding offensive season with their mixture of young energetic players and proven veterans.  I’ve always contended that young and old players can be energized orre-energized by a core of young start blooming as players.  Barmes has had solid home run numbers in some seasons and a great average in others. Barmes should put it together this year and have a career year.Don’t jump to quick on Clint Barmes, but he’s my Aaron Hill of last year.  Hill was a top sleeper of mine in 2009, and this year at 2B it’s Barmes.  He won’t exactly put up the numbers Hill did, just a disclaimer.  He will have an outstanding season as your fantasy baseball second basemen.  Another bonus is he should qualify at shortstop (16 in 2009) in allot of leagues.The True Guru Projections: .282 BA, 26 Hrs, 90 RBI, 77 Runs, 15 SBI feel this player will achieve my projections through our formula based on 11 herbs and spices (its locked at Fort Knox). Everyone was talking about the new trick White was bringing to the Vancouver games. Then came the date that may possibly save professional wrestling:January 4, 2010.This date has single-handedly re-kindled my interest in professional wrestling.I can’t understand the idea of how people can come and talk down whatever company they happen to dislike as if it was their creation, their money, their sweat and tears, their business, and their reputations on the line.

If it is a good chuckle you desire, check out The Hazean’s Facebook page. I was surprised to see the Terp guards let Clemson dictate the tempo of the game. Robinson should’ve gotten rid of the ball.-My high school was just on an Under Armour commerical, and we’re a public school.- LeFevour had his first pass tipped and was almost intercepted by Patrick Robinson.  Speaking of Patrick Robinson, he’s another guy who’s been all over the field. The world’s F1 circuits were ablaze with scarlet as the dream team established its ascendancy.  Despite the obvious friction between Vince and Bret, Vinnie Mac knows this to be true. (PA)Williams (pictured) is seen as a powerful north-south runner who was projected as a possible fullback by some despite his 5′10″, 200lb size. Together with fellow signee, Trey Hopkins (Galena Park, TX/North Shore), Rivals ’s No.

2 in the world.She has won Olympic silver and has reached two Grand Slam finals.FUN FACT: The Safin’s are the first brother and sister in tennis history to be ranked No 1 in their respective category.. A Wrestlemania match isn’t likely unless he is in the MITB match. Kofi has hit a speed bump. Made a big name for himself as an actor after his playing days with his role on TV’s “Hill Street Blues” in the ’80s.Tyus Edney, guard: one of the leaders of UCLA’s last championship team in 1995. It may not be the best option for Boozer, but the Jazz have a great point guard and plenty of role-players to be a contender now.The Wizards could finally make a real effort at defense, with Boozer giving some much needed toughness at the power forward position.The potential return for both teams is great.The amount of names being mentioned as potential trade bait is long and illustrious, as usual.Arenas being suspended and agreeing to extend that suspension for the remainder of the season makes it more likely that the Wizards will entertain offers from anyone in the league for anyone on their roster.The Wizards are far from championship material, but the team is made up of players who could immediately help another, more established team.Cleveland would like to hold on to LeBron James any way possible, and the best way to do that would be to surround him with better players than he has now.He has Mo Williams as his proverbial Scottie Pippen, but doesn’t have a consistent enough cast beyond that. Either this thing was a hoax, or Masoli will be protected according to this guy (who has the same attorney as Masoli).If that’s true, we can breathe a sigh of relief and know he’ll be back next year.But what about Embry? Or whoever actually did this?Whoever is proved guilty will most likely be kicked off the team and get his scholarship taken away.